This is a reminder, that it's TOO COLD to leave pets outside!

It Takes a Village Facebook Page
It Takes a Village Facebook Page

If you have outdoor pets, this weather is much too cold for them.  Make sure to bring them inside, or at least into a garage where they can have some protection from this bitter cold.  This little kitten was found unresponsive outside. Thankfully she was quickly taken to It Takes a Village rescue, where they rushed her to the vet.

They said when she first got to the vet her prognosis was slim as her body temperature had dropped so low they couldn't get a reading. Thankfully after medical intervention and a little bit of TLC the kitten (who is now named Elsie) is alive and seems to be well!

Frozen kitten update: We had a kitten who was found outside nearly frozen to death brought to us last night. Fortunately, because of your wonderful support of ITV, we have the resources available to us to rush her to the local emergency clinic. She was knocking on death's door as her body temperature was so low that we could not get a reading. Her prognosis was very slim, but we had to give her a fighting chance, even with the estimate of $700 to help her. We named her Elsie. We are elated to report that the she is doing much better this morning - she is walking around and has some life back in her! We picked her up from the wonderful staff at APEC and are now transferring her to our regular vet, Dr. Kennedy at Hilltop, who will monitor her care. She will need a foster family in the near future once she is released so if you are able to foster, please complete a foster application at Thank you for supporting the work of ITV!!

Of course she still needs to be monitored, but for the mean time, she seems like she's going to be just fine. This is a scary reminder that it is too cold outside for your pets. Please bring them in. And if you don't want to, might I suggest going and sitting with them for a bit?  See how it feels, then maybe decide what you should do.

Thank you to my friends at It Takes a Village for taking a chance on this kitten and not giving up! If you'd like to donate to help cover Elsie's vet bills, you can do so here.


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