It Takes a Village in Evansville had a dog dumped overnight at their rescue. ITV would like to remind the community that they understand times are tough, but dumping your pets is not only illegal it is dangerous.

In a post on ITV's Facebook page with a photo of the dog that was dumped they wrote the following:

PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS!!! We know times are tough for a lot of people but dumping your pet at our door overnight is not the solution!! We continue to offer free food delivery to those in need. If you need to surrender an animal, PLEASE contact us via email at info@itvrescue or contact the great team at Evansville Animal Care & Control (Official). Leaving an animal at our door is not only dangerous for the animal because we are on a busy road and the animal could break lose, but we see coyotes regularly because we are close to woods. It is also illegal to dump animals! Please use rescues and shelters as an appropriate resource (we are struggling too), not a dumping ground. We are still helping homeless animals and we have NOT closed our intake. If you can help us continue operations, please consider a donation. Thank you!

Not only is dumping a pet at a shelter without their knowledge illegal, it's dangerous.    ITV understands that times are hard right now, everyone is struggling, so they wanted to use this as a teachable moment.  ITV is working with people to help them keep their pets in these desperate times.  They're offering free dog food to those in need, and are willing to work with anyone who may need help with keeping their pets.  But you have to ask for help.  Don't just dump the animal and run.

If you are in a position to help ITV out, they ask that you make a donation through their website, or send something to them from their Amazon list.

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