The holidays are a stressful time for many of us but imagine if you didn't have a place to spend them and no where to sit down and enjoy a meal. For the those who are homeless that is a reality.

The Evansville Rescue Mission is wanting to give those people a place to sit and enjoy a holiday meal. They have erected a large tent in the parking lot of the Rescue Mission. Not only are they putting up the tent, but it will festively decorated and heated to make it inviting and comfortable for those who may not otherwise have a place to enjoy a holiday meal. The Rescue Mission says it will "give those individuals a sense of dignity and respect while they enjoy that special holiday." The holiday meal will be prepared by the shelter's kitchen staff. The holiday meal will be in addition to the meal prepared for their residents.

To make this a reality, the Evansville Rescue Mission is asking for the help of the community so they can purchase the necessary supplies - food, plates, utensils, drinks, etc - to turn this idea into a reality. You can make a donation to the Evansville Rescue Mission by texting the word Gobbler to 313131.

2020 has been a terribly difficult year for many people all across the Tristate and the truth for many of us is that we are only a couple of missed paychecks away from finding ourselves in need of the resources offered by Evansville Rescue Mission and other local organizations across the area. Since the pandemic, ERM has been serving Grab-n-Go meals to those who are in need of a meal. They offer these meals 3 times a day and are averaging approximately 1,000 meals per week. If you have the available funds to make a donation to the ERM, please consider sending that text.

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