The Evansville Rescue Mission is a great asset to our community.  They have open doors to help those in the community who need things such as food or shelter.  They also have a thrift store where items donated there are sold, to help fund their mission.

The other day four mattresses and box springs were dumped by their dumpster at the Washington Avenue thrift store location. The mattresses were dumped and laying next to the dumpster.  Evansville Rescue mission shared the photo to Facebook asking people to please not do this. Beside the obvious reasons on why you shouldn't do this, they also remind people that when this happens it costs the Evansville Rescue Mission money, as they have to pay to have these items hauled off.  They ask for the community's help, and if you happen to see someone dumping items at their locations, to please report it to local authorities.

These items were DUMPED outside our Washington Avenue Thrift Store. Aside from the obvious reasons why this is a terrible thing to do, let me give you another: When your ERM has to pay to have trash and junk hauled off, it costs that we literally would use to purchase food and to provide shelter for the homeless and poor of our community. Do me a favor: If you see someone dumping their trash on one of our properties, please call the police! This is very frustrating!!!
Tracy L. Gorman
President / CEO
If you'd like to help the Evansville Rescue Mission you can volunteer at the rescue mission to help serve meals, or make a monetary donation to help them continue their mission of helping people in the community.
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