The Evansville Police Department is once again on the hunt for a suspect involving a hit and run accident. This makes two just in the last couple of weeks.

Just over a week ago, Evansville police shared a post looking for help in identifying a woman of interest involving a hit and run accident (Incident 21-17323) that took place in the parking lot of Target located in the Pavilion on the city's east side, just off Burkhardt and the Lloyd Expressway. In that post, shared on September 26th, police were referencing an incident that took place between 10:30 and 10:45 am on Thursday, September 16th.

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Today (September 29, 2021), Evansville Police shared yet another post with yet another suspect in a hit and run, this time on the city's Southeast side. According to police, the most recent hit and run incident took place on September 21st, five days after the previously mentioned incident at Target. This time, however, the hit and run (Incident 21-17676) took place at Covert Avenue and South Green River Road. Police believe the suspect in this hit and run to have been driving a black Chevrolet Impala. Once again, authorities shared a photo of the suspect and the suspect's vehicle.

Some commenters on the Evansville Police Departments Facebook posts seem to think it could be the same woman involved in both incidents. However, if you closely, the suspect in the first incident has tattoos on both her left and her right arms. The second suspect, as you can see in one of the additional photos share by EPD, only has tattoos on one of her arms.

Evansville Police Department via Facebook
Evansville Police Department via Facebook

If you have any information regarding the suspects in either hit and run incident, you are asked to contact the Evansville Police Department's Hit and Run Unit at (812)-436-7941.

[Source: Evansville Police Department via Facebook]

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