According to the Evansville Watch Twitter page, Evansville Police Department Bomb Squad has diffused a possible dangerous situation.

Early this morning, Himal Food Mart employees found a suspicious bag outside of the door of the gas station on Kratzville Rd. and immediately called Evansville Police. After EPD detonated the bag using a water cannon, the bomb squad robot checked the contents. EPD said the contents of the bag resembled a pipe bomb but it was determined to be a "hoax" pipe bomb.

Himal Food Mart stated: Thank you Evansville Police Department for the prompt response. Someone left a bag at night when store was closed and for the safety of our customer and neighbors, we called EPD to analyze if anything explosive was left there. EVP responded very promptly and work ongoing. We aren't worried about the business but we value customers safety. So, thank you for your patience and thoughts. - Himal Food Mart Family







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