Evansville's Plaid & Timber Axe Throwing Company is now serving Liquid Death Mountain Water. If you're unfamiliar with Plaid & Timber, it is Evansville's first ever axe throwing range and they are a part of the World Axe Throwing League. If you've never thrown axes before, it is surprisingly a whole lot of fun!

Plaid and Timber is a great place to have a date or hang out with friends and family, especially if you are looking for something new and different to do in Evansville. Most recently, Plaid & Timber has added something new to their cooler of refreshments for sale - Liquid Death Mountain Water. Don't know about it? It's the trendy and echo friendly drinking experience that really rocks. Like literally - it's metal AF!

The company tag line reads: "Murder Your Thirst!" Their ads are all a bit bizarre, outlandish and definitely attention grabbing. Even Joe Manganiello has sold his soul to join the Liquid Death Country Club. No, really - he signed the contract in blood and everything!

But aside from their amazing, if not outlandish and ridiculous ad campaigns, Liquid Death is all about getting people to drink more water. They say they are,

taking the world’s healthiest beverage and making it just as unnecessarily entertaining as the unhealthy brands across energy drinks, beer, chips, and candy.


Most products in the health and wellness space are all marketed with “aspirational” fitness models and airbrushed celebrities. And many of us are tired of it. Why should unhealthy products be the only brands with “permission” to be loud, fun, and weird? And let's be honest, almost all marketing and branding is just theater. So we’re going to treat our theater like a movie theater and have more fun with it.

And it's working. Not only is the brand cool but they are actually filling a much needed eco-niche. It is mountain water sourced from the Alps but it's distributed in cans rather than plastic bottles, decreasing the use of petroleum and reducing plastics in landfills and oceans. Plaid and Timber are excited to be caring Liquid Death and reducing their plastic waste too. They told me, "we were going through sooo many plastic bottles it was crazy! So we had to bring in Liquid Death to help get rid of the plastic waste!!" So next time you're ready to throw axes and drink Liquid Death, you can stop by Plaid & Timber Axe Throwing Company at 2710 Eastside Park Road.

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