It's another exciting season of Evansville Otters baseball, and Thirsty Thursdays are back, and so are fireworks! If you want to catch fireworks in time for the 4th of July holiday at historic Bosse Field, Thursday, July 1st is when to see them. After the game, the sky above Bosse Field will light up in a colorful display of explosions. Thirsty Thursday is also a fun time to enjoy Otters baseball, because what goes better with a warm evening watching baseball than a cold beer? And if that isn't enough, Thursday is also the annual Jacob's Village benefit game, so you can help Jacob's Village while having a good time.

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I grew up in a family of baseball lovers, so it's in my blood to love a good baseball game.  Some of my favorite childhood memories were spent at Bosse Field watching the Evansville Otters play.  I remember anxiously waiting for the old lights at Bosse Field to turn off so we could watch the fireworks light up the sky, and how exciting it would be to wait for the show to start.   Although with their new fancy LED lights, I doubt you have to wait as long for them to power down.

If you want to make plans to check out an Otters game, don't forget they have all kinds of fun promotions going on all Summer long.  The Otters have all kinds of fun theme nights coming up, everything from Taco Tuesday to Princess Night, to the Dog Days of Summer where you can even bring your dog to the game.  Check out their full promotional schedule, here.  And if you want to purchase tickets to an Otters game, you can do so through 

See the Evansville Otters New Logo

The Evansville Otters are ready for baseball season, and they're starting 2021 off with a new logo!

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