I don't know about you, but I am missing baseball season something fierce! To me, one of my favorite summertime activities is going to historic Bosse Field, having a cold beer in one hand and a baseball field hotdog in the other.  That's the perfect Evansville summer night in my opinion. Unfortunately due to COVID in 2020 we didn't get to enjoy Otters games, but I'm hoping by summer 2021 we wil be able to enjoy live baseball once again.

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Back in February we got word that the Evansville Otters home opener would be happening on June 1st when the Otters were slated to take on the Gateway Grizzlies. Due to an unfortunate circumstance, the Otters home opener has a new date.

The Evansville Otters new date for their home opener is May 29th.  The reason for this change is due to uncertainty surrounding the reopening of the U.S.- Canada border. Due to the uncertainty the Frontier League made the decision to revise their schedule to accommodate 14 teams instead of all 16 teams in the Frontier League. In a post to the Evansville Otters Facebook page, the Otters said:

Due to the uncertainty regarding the reopening of the United States-Canada border, the Frontier League regretfully announces that the Ottawa Titans and the Trois-Rivieres Aigles will not field teams for the 2021 season.  To complete the 2021 schedule, A team from the Province of Quebec will be formed by the Aigles and the Capitales

It's definitely a bummer to hear of the changes, but hopefully by 2022 the Frontier League will be back to full capacity and playing games again.  In the mean time, selfishly I'm very thankful that our Evansville Otters will be returning to Bosse Field for another season.... play ball!


Due to the uncertainty regarding the reopening of the United States-Canada border, the Frontier...

Posted by Evansville Otters on Saturday, April 17, 2021

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