As I'm in the throes of dieting and the pursuit of fitness, I present to you: PIZZA.

I have EE, which stands for Eosinophilic Esophagitis, which is a fancy medical term for I choke on my food, then I puke so I can breathe again. It's pretty not rad. My allergist says the choking symptoms are exacerbated by dairy, wheat and soy, which I've been instructed to minimize. I do my best, but one of the things I refuse to cut out of my diet is pizza. If pizza were a person, it would be my best friend. But for now, I have Mike, who is a real person and gets into buffoonery laced adventures with me. Anyway, this blog will feature my favorite local pizza.

My favorite pizza in Evansville comes from Turnoni's Pizza and Brewery, nestled on Main St. I've followed the pizza brick road many times to get there, and it's become one of my best-loved swallows when I go into the bar and place my carryout order. While the pizzas cook to thin crust perfection, there leaves me the perfect amount of wait time to have a pint or three of Honey Blonde Ale and chat with random barstool patrons or one of my favorite bartenders, Will.


I know, like a schlub, I don't have a picture of their pizza. My bad. Take my word for it, it's delicious. Personally, I go for pepperoni, sausage, mushroom and extra sauce with an order of pepperoncinis. It's so good it would make the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles clamor from the depths of the sewer and park their half shells at the bar. Extra anchovies, dude.

Another delicious local pizza place is the Pizza Oven, located on Stringtown Road in a tiny brick building. There is no glitz or glamour to this establishment, just no frills thin crust pizza and friendly service. They don't mess around with an abundance of menu items, or take debit or credit cards, and while I have seen a tiny table and a chair inside, it's safe to say it's a carry out only joint. No dine in, no deliveries. When I pick up a pie in a paper sack from the Pizza Oven, it's usually sausage and pepperoni, and of course an order of pepperoncinis. I have to supply my own beer at home to wash down the delectable bites.


I'm going to cheat with this next one. It's not a superb pizza by any means, or technically local, but it comes from a freezer and I've lived off of it quite handily since college. It's Jack's original thin crust frozen pizza. Pick it up from your local grocer or retailer's ice box and pop it in the oven. Douse it with hot sauce and enjoy. Quick, easy, tasty and sustaining.


I've had a lot of pizza around the Evansville area, and many are appetizing and worthy enough of making this list, but I don't have the space to recognize them all in this blog.

What are your favorite local pizza places people of Evansville? What's the pie that makes your mouth water and your stomach growl just thinking about it? Fill me in on what I'm missing in the comment section; I'm always looking for the good shit!

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