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*Update May 12th at noon:  Rickie Dupont Jr. has made it to the final round! You can vote once a day for Rickie, here! Let's help get him his chopper!*

American Chopper

There's a pretty good chance that if you're a gearhead, at some point you've seen the show, American Chopper. The show aired on the Discovery Channel and it followed the team at Orange County Choppers as they would build custom motorcycles.  Well, Orange County Choppers is doing something pretty incredible, giving people the chance to win their very own custom-built motorcycle, and they'll get to build the bike with Paul Teutul Sr. himself.  One Evansville man is in the running, and has made it all the way to the finals!

Meet Rickie

Rickie Dupont Jr. is in the running to win a custom-built chopper, and his story is very unique.  Rickie is a huge fan of motorcycles, but there's one problem, they don't make motorcycles for people Rickie's size as Rickie is a little person.  So his dream is to build a custom chopper that's fit just for him.  Rickie and I are friends on Facebook, and I've seen him share about this contest, and I think it's so cool that he's made it all the way to the semi-finals.

Photo Courtesy of Rickie Dupont Jr.
Photo Courtesy of Rickie Dupont Jr.

I asked Rickie to share with me some information about himself and here's what he had to say:

My name is Rickie Dupont, Jr and I've always wanted to ride a motorcycle, but due to my stature, that is almost all but impossible. I can't just go into a bike shop and jump on a bike and ride. Even a trike would be impossible because my feet wouldn't reach the pegs, shifters, ect and my arms wouldn't even come close to the handlebars. So all of these things would have to be built, literally from scratch and that can get expensive! This is what OCC and Paul Teutul, Sr do and I think it would make a great story, not only for Evansville, but for someone who might feel like they don't have options, and not just for motorcycles. Cars are the same way, I'm a car fanatic, but I can't just jump into a car a drive it, without some sort of pedal extensions, or hand controls. I always overcome my obstacles, especially when i want something bad enough, and a bike is one of those things! I added the link on the 1st day of the contest, and no one knew I was doing it...even me! Lol  It was like someone turned on a full breaker box and it lit up like a fire! From day one my friends and family were on it and so loyal to making sure they voted every day! I didn't have a clue it was going to turn out like this, and now I just want to make sure all of their dedication and love is accounted for!


Canva/Rickie Dupont Jr
Canva/Rickie Dupont Jr

How You Can Help

I think it would be so cool to see someone from Evansville win the custom chopper, especially someone who is so determined to not let anything stand between them and their dreams!   So it's super easy to help Rickie out, you can cast a daily vote for free using your email or Facebook by clicking the link here. If you want to vote more than once you can make a donation to help veterans and each dollar will be a vote towards Rickie winning his dream chopper!

Rickie has made it to the final round! Be sure to vote for Rickie now and let's get him his bike! 

Good luck Rickie!


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