Deaconess Hospital was recognized for leading the charge in asking people to sew medical masks for local healthcare workers.

Deaconess recently posted a video and template for how to sew a medical mask to help with the shortage our healthcare professionals have been seeing.  That post took off, and the community response has been overwhelming. From people who are at home with extra fabric and sewing machines, to companies that have sewing machines, so many have stepped up to help bridge the gap in the face mask shortage.

In fact the response was so overwhelming that Deaconess has now posted an update saying they have so many masks coming their way, that they're now encouraging people to reach out to other hospitals, cancer centers or cancer related organizations, and nursing homes to see if they could use masks as well.

MSNBC highlighted Deaconess and the Evansville community for their efforts.

You can see the video below, the part about Deaconess starts at 1:45.  If the video player doesn't work, click here.

Great job Deaconess for leading the charge, and the Evansville community for stepping up! It's times like these where we really show what a community is made of.

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