As we try to get back into a new normal amid the Covid-19 pandemic and businesses begin opening back up, many of us are trying to navigate how to support those businesses while still limiting our exposure to the virus and possibly even more importantly, how to limit the spread of any germs or viruses we may be asymptomatically carrying. One local maker has created what may just be the key to reducing our contact with high-touch surfaces like computer touch screens and elevator buttons and it can also help you to open doors without touching the handles.

Created by Good Luck Goods and sold at River City Coffee and Goods for just $18, the keychains are made of lightweight aluminum and are really a rather genius design. You can use them as an extension of your hand without actually having your hands do the dirty work. You've likely already got your keys in your hand so why not let them do the work for you when it comes to those high-touch surfaces?


River City Coffee + Goods is one of my favorite local businesses in Evansville. Located at  223 Main Street, Evansville - not only do they serve amazing coffee but they feature locally crafted creations from dozens of artisans including leather goods, tea towels, t-shirts, greeting cards, soap and more. It's an excellent place to visit if you're looking for a unique gift for yourself or a friend. They are currently open Friday - Monday for curbside, pickup or in-store shopping. You can also shop with them online

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