Some people just know how to Halloween, and those are my kinda people! One of my favorite Halloween stops every year is the Nightmare on Eastbrooke. It's a home haunt set up on Evansville's northeast side, and they go all out for Halloween. They transform their driveway, yard, and garage into a full-scale haunted house. The best part?  It's all to help out the Tri-State Food Bank.

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It's truly a labor of love that keeps the Nightmare on Eastbrooke  going. Every year they put on a fantastic haunted house, and all they ask is that you bring a canned food item with you to donate to the Tri-State Food Bank. In fact in years past the food bank has had to bring a box truck to load up all of the donations, which is awesome! I talked with Sean Wallace who helps volunteer with the haunted house each year, and he said they had over 600 people come through one weekend alone so this may just be Evansville's best kept Halloween secret!

I stumbled upon Nightmare on Easbrooke by a happy accident a few years ago, and now it's tradition to go every year. They weren't able to have the haunt last year, but the year before we went through it and had a blast. They do such a great job! From the light show outside as you walk up, to winding through a yard full of scarecrows, and then weave your way through their maze they set up in their garage they've got everything from chainsaws, zombies, haunted dolls AND the man himself Michael Myers made a terrifying appearance.

If you want to check out Nightmare on Eastbrooke I highly recommend it! The people who run it do a ton of work setting it up and running it each night, and all they ask is you bring a donation of a canned food item that they will donate to the Tri-State Food Bank.

Nightmare on Eastbrooke is located at 2813 Eastbrooke Drive in Evansville. If you're interested in going through Nightmare on Eastbrooke they're open the following dates:

  • October 9th
  • October 10th
  • October 15th
  • October 16th
  • October 22nd
  • October 23rd
  • October 29th
  • October 30th
  • October 31st

They're open from 7-8 for no scare tours and 8-11 for full scare!

The Nightmare on Eastbrooke Flyer
The Nightmare on Eastbrooke Flyer

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