Last month, Holly & Corinthian McIntyre created the Facebook group 'Gifting for Women' as a way to empower an lift up other women. Once you join the group, you can create an Amazon wish list, post it, and start gifting. I noticed that some women have been posting lists for nonprofits, since they didn't really need anything personally. Now, there is a new gifting group, just for animal rescues.

It Takes a Village stated the 'Gifting for Rescues' Facebook group last night, and it's growing fast. This group is open to everyone, and you can post a wish list for any shelter or individual that helps rescue animals. It's important to note that this group is not intended for animal posts, it it just to help with supplies needed for homeless animals.

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More about the group:

"Open to all rescue groups, shelters and individuals who help homeless animals!! This group is a place where rescuers can come together and bless each other! We use Amazon's wish list gifting options (which is completely safe) to send gifts to each other. It's all about helping out each other out so we can help homeless animals!!

So, if you are a animal rescuer and have a need for an item, post your wish here!! Upon joining this group you're agreeing to our group rules and are entering a positive environment. PLEASE NO ANIMAL POSTS FOR RE-HOMING ANIMALS! We are only gifting ITEMS which HELP ANIMALS!!

The intention of this group is to give to our follow rescuers as an act of kindness. Please enjoy the group! And happy gifting to help homeless animals!!!"

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