In case you didn't catch it last night, Evansville got a mention during an episode of Revolution. How's that for 'miserable' town status? 

If you haven't watched the show, Revolution takes place 15 years after an event caused everything to stop working. Cars, cell phones, computers, basically all modern conveniences.

Since society broke down, the United States was divided up in to different countries ruled by militias and warlords. In the show Evansville is part of the "Monroe Republic", which is currently at war with the "Georgia Federation".

The episode titled "Home", starts out with the leader of the Monroe Republic being told about forts that were taken by rebels. Among them; Marion, Carbondale, and good ol' Evansville.

So even though the power may be out, it appears Evansville gets a fort! Take THAT Mount Vernon!


The episode also featured an epic battle that took place at the "Dubois County Court House". This is apparently the home town of two of the main characters. So does that mean that they're from Jasper?


This isn't the first time Evansville has been mentioned on a TV show. Our town was also the setting for a 2007 episode of the show Prison Break