Get ready for some good eatin' Food Trucks at the Farm is about to start back up!

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I don't know what it is, but our area either has phenomenal food trucks, or food just seems to taste better when it's served out of a truck (personally, I think it's the former).  Either way, we have some seriously delicious food trucks serving up tasty grub in the Tri-State, and if you're ready for the trucks to come out of hibernation, good news, Food Trucks at the Farm will soon be back!

Canva/Google Maps
Canva/Google Maps

Food Trucks at the Farm

Farm 57 in Evansville hosts a really fun event every summer, Food Trucks at the Farm.  The event takes place every Wednesday throughout the summertime.  If you've never been it's a really fun time! We like to pack up lawn chairs and blankets and spend the evening enjoying the weather, live music, and of course the delicious food trucks.  There are usually a dozen or so that show up.

Farm 57 took to Facebook to say that Food Trucks at the Farm will be back on Wednesday, May 3rd.  Farm 57 also announced that they are changing their hours, and extending Monday and Tuesday hours to be open until 7 PM.

Farm 57's hours are now:

  • Mon-Fri: 7am-7pm
    Sat: 7am-5pm
    Sun: 7am-2pm
Google Maps
Google Maps

Food Trucks at the Farm kicks off a 4:30 PM every Wednesday throughout the summer, starting Wednesday, May 3rd! Be sure to keep an eye on the Farm 57 Facebook page, because they will cancel Food Trucks at the Farm for inclement weather, which hopefully we won't see much of this summer. If you need me I'll be soaking up the longer daylight hours and eating food from a truck on Wednesday!

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