Thanks to the hard work at Evansville Animal Control, and Another Chance for Animals, Sora is getting the care she needs, but vet bills are mounding.

Sora post surgery (Photo: Linda Barnes Drake)
Sora post surgery (Photo: Linda Barnes Drake)

Sora was picked up by Animal Control in horrible condition.  She not only was emaciated, but she also had a blockage.  Thanks to the fast work at Another Chance for Animals, they were able to get Sora into a vet, and get the blockage taken care of.  She's not out of the woods yet, but surgery was a success!

Now Another Chance For Animals is needing donations to help with Sora's vet bills.  If you'd like to help, please make a donation here.  Sora will be available for adoption once she's healthy, in the mean time she's being taken care of and ridiculously spoiled in foster care. I reached out to Breanna Clemons, she's fostering Sora, and she shared with me Sora's story, a special thank you to Breanna for allowing me to share Sora's story!

A local fitness apparel company, Kill it With Iron, has also stepped up to help with Sora's mounding vet bills. Through the month of October 100% of proceeds from Kill It With Iron will be going to Sora's vet bills. They've got some great fitness shirt designs, my personal favorite is PR or ER haha! So you can pump yourself up for the gym, while also supporting a great cause! You can check out their shirt designs here.

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