Do you like the 80s? Do you like the Adam Sandler movie "The Wedding Singer"? Do you have a guilty pleasure for musicals? If you answered 'yes' to ANY of those questions, this show is for you!


The Wedding Singer the musical is based off of the Adam Sandler movie of the same name. While a lot of the music is original and made specifically for the musical, you'll still recognize some songs from the movie like "Grow Old With You" and "Kill Me Please". It's hilarious, it's fun, and it's totally 80-tastic.


And while I want ALL OF YOU TO GO SEE THIS SHOW, I have to warn you that you probably shouldn't bring the young ones? I would say this show is for a PG-13 crowd. There are a few 'f-bombs' and multiple mentions of 'hookers and blow' and a song that practically has a lap dance in it... So, unless your kid is really mature for their age...I'd suggest leaving 'em at home.


Oh, and did I mention that I'm in the show too? It's true. I play Linda, Robbie's ex. She', let's go with 'fun'. So if you ever wanted to personally see the face behind the voice, now's your chance!


You have 3 WHOLE WEEKENDS to catch this totally bitchin' show


Evansville Civic Theatre
Evansville Civic Theatre


Get your tickets NOW by clicking this link OR by calling the ECT box office at 812-425-2800


Also, if you want to see behind-the-scenes stuff and sneak peaks at the show, check out the Evansville Civic Theatre's facebook page!

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