If you ever wanted to share locally baked goods with your out-of-state friends, now is your chance!

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A Local Champion

Recently we hosted Menu Madness with our friends at Robert John and Associates, We had a bracket-style tournament of the most unique food items across the Tri-State, started with 32 items, and after a few rounds of voting one winner ruled them all.Be Happy Pie Company reigned supreme with their oatmeal cream pies being labeled the best in the Tri-State!

Be Happy Pie Company

The Be Happy Pie Company has been serving up delicious baked goods since it was founded in 2015.  Owner, Jenny Lamble had a passion for baking that she has turned into a delicious treat for the city of Evansville.

BHPC is a full service bakery specializing in pies, scones, cookies, coffee cake, kuchens, sweet rolls, petite cheesecakes, cookie pies, and cream puffs as well as savory pies including chicken pot pie, fiesta taco pie, shepherd's pie and quiche.

Be Happy Pie Company on Facebook
Be Happy Pie Company on Facebook

Be Happy Pie Company Makes Exciting Announcements

If you're a fan of some of the delicious offerings from Be Happy Pie Company, you'll be pleased to know you can now share them with your out-of-state friends and family.  Be Happy Pie Company took to Facebook to announce that they are now shipping nationwide.  They also announced that they will be available for franchising.

Google Maps/ Be Happy Pie Company/Canva
Google Maps/ Be Happy Pie Company/Canva
We are so excited! Lots of you have been asking and we are always listening.
As of today, you can share a bit of happiness nation wide by shipping Be Happy Pie Company 10” pies, 5” pies, cookie pies, cookies, scrappies and our apparel through the following link.
This link can also be found on our website www.behappypiecompany.com
We know some of you were looking forward to a second location, but we hope this is just as exciting! If anyone would like to talk to us about a second location, we are always willing to listen, as our founder Jenny Lamble has the BHPC process for franchising ready for you.
Please call 812-449-7718 with any questions.
Thank you for your continued support of our dream to share happiness through baking
It's always so exciting to see local businesses succeed and expand, so I'm really happy to hear this news from Be Happy Pie Company. Congratulations!

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