The mad scientists at Maiden's Brewery have come out with the most Evansville beer to date, meet Dixie, she's made with Grippo's!

 Maidens Brewery is known for their delicious food and rotating brews (all of which are named after women)! However they've really outdone themselves with their latest brew!

Dixie is quite possible the most "Evansville" beer ever, Dixie is brewed with Grippo's! And she is refreshing, sweet, and a little bit of heat just like the Tri-State's favorite chip! Dixie is brewed with real Grippo's chips, and their seasoning. But don't worry you won't find any potatoes in this brew, just a refreshing beer in your glass!

I had the opportunity to meet with John Mills, owner of Maidens, and he was kind enough to let me try out Dixie and tell me a little more about how the brewing process with chips went, I think my favorite quote from John came when he said:

You can make vodka out of potatoes, why not make a beer out of potato chips?

That's the kind of attitude I appreciate!



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