This past week, Todd Veeck, owner and operator of PhoneTodd Phone and Computer Repair in Evansville, was mourning the loss of a pup when he got a big surprise.

Todd is a volunteer firefighter here in Evansville. He responded to a house fire last week and unfortunately didn't know that a home contained two dogs; only one was saved. The Afganistan war veteran has a big soft spot in his heart for dogs and was upset about the loss. While driving later that day, he spotted something: a big biker dude with a furry little dog riding... well... on the back of his bike down the LLoyd Expressway.

Todd was instantly cheered up by the pup and snapped the below photo. He posted it to Facebook with the caption, "If anyone knows this guy tell him he has a $50 gift card at Phonetodd. His dog was so excited and having a good time. Him and his buddy enjoyed the nice weather we had! Thanks for making my day better!"

The little dog's owner, Michael Smith, came forward and asked if he could donate the gift card to local shelter It Takes a Village Canine Rescue, which was recently in the news for rehoming longtime resident Ned.


Michael Smith said on Facebook, "That is indeed my Finnegan. He loves to ride!! I will accept and match your GC offer if you will allow me to donate it to It Takes A Village no kill shelter! I encourage everyone to donate at Tell them Finnegan sent you." 

To make the story EVEN BETTER, Todd is donating 5% of sales through the end of February to It Takes a Village! You can stop in at any location and donate as well. So, if you've been putting off getting your electronic device fixed, just do it! And, help some dogs!


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