More excused to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air are never a bad thing.  If you enjoy riding a bike and taking it on trails, here's a way to help some new trails come to the Evansville area.

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Trail Heads is a nonprofit organization with a mission to develop quality trails and support programs throughout southwest Indiana. They are currently working to help bring 20 miles worth of trails to the University of Southern Indiana for the community to use and enjoy. USI has approved the project, and it is currently being developed by Trail Heads, but they need the community's help in making this dream become a reality.

Here's what the fundraising page has to say about the project:

University of Southern Indiana recently approved a project that will bring 20 miles of trails and over 22 acres of bike parks to property owned by the university and its foundation. The project is being developed by local nonprofit, Trail Heads - Southwest Indiana and your tax-deductible donation will go directly to this project. While this trail system will offer a much needed hub for local trail users, the scale and variety of features in this project will help USI stand out as one of the best campuses in the country for trails. Please contribute today!

The fundraiser has raised almost a third of their $15,00 goal, so they still have a little ways to go to hit their goal.  Click here to donate. I know our community, and I know how the community likes to rally behind projects like this. Follow Trail Heads on Facebook to stay up to date with this project, and find more ways to get involved.

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