The list of things affected by COVID-19 is long and varied - jobs, school, entertainment, extracurricular activities and family gathering just to name a few. One thing on that list that can't be overlooked is getting your hair cut. Many folks, myself included, went to the barber shop/salon less in 2020 than in any other year in recent memory. 'COVID Hair' became a real thing.

I just got my hair cut the other day and, man, what a difference it makes. A good haircut really does make you feel like a new person - it puts a little pep in your step. Maybe you'd like to get a new cut, but aren't able to right now. Maybe it's because you don't have the money, or maybe it's because you don't know where to go to get a quality cut. Lucky for you, I can help get you over both of those hurdles.

The Parlour Barber Shop and Salon is offering free haircuts at their new west side location on Franklin Street. The haircuts are free because they are being used for educational/training purposes. And, I can tell you from personal experience that you are going to get a great-looking cut. My confidence comes from the fact that I get my hair cut at The Parlour, by the owner, Alex Rocha. Believe me when I say that Alex takes his craft very seriously and he takes great pride in his work and in the work of anyone he employs. So, don't let the 'trainee' aspect worry you. Alex wouldn't let someone touch your head if he didn't think they were qualified, and he's not going to let you leave the shop with a haircut you're not satisfied with.

So, seems to me that covers a couple reasons why you haven't been to a barber shop/salon you have no excuses.

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