There's a pretty good chance you've heard of a little rock band by the name Blind Melon, and if you're like me 'No Rain' is a consistent pick on your road trip playlist.  After lead singer Shannon Hoon passed away in 1995, Travis T. Warren took the reins as frontman for Blind Melon.  Travis T. Warren is working on a solo project, and one Evansville artist is behind the artwork for his latest single.

Chris Passage of Prints By Passage is a local artist with a lot of talent.  His style is digital photo manipulation, which he uses various techniques in manipulating photos.  You can see some of his work on his Prints by Passage Facebook page. Chris can now add creating the artwork for Travis T. Warren to his list of art creds.

Blind Melon took to Facebook to announce Warren's solo project album, Warrentime will be out on January 16th.  In the meantime Warren released a song from that album 'Bloom Moon' the cover artwork for the song was created by Chris Passage.

Travis T. Warren

just released a new single, Bloom Moon. Go to to listen on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. It's on most other streaming platforms too.

"Bloom Moon is a pick off the album being released, Warrentine, who’s official release date on all digital platforms will be Saturday, January 16th.
Thank you to everyone who has submitted artwork so far! I am blown away by the talent! Please feel free to keep sending it in, we are still designing merchandise!

Huge thank you to Christopher Passage (

Prints by Passage

) who designed the cover art for Bloom Moon.

I also want to thank

Christopher Thorn

who is not only featured on this record, he also produced this record at

Fireside Sound

. Along with I cannot thank enough, Rogers Stevens, guitar,

Nathan Towne

, bass and Ben Lumsdaine, drums, for lending their talents. Hope you guys enjoy. -Travis. #TravisTwarren#SoloRecord#BlindMelon

I reached out to Chris to ask how he got this opportunity and this is what he said:
Travis had made a little video talking about the forthcoming solo album and was reaching out to fans for artwork. I had seen it didn’t think anything of it aside a couple more times and then one night I came home I saw it and I said sh** why not. And the rest is history. Never in 1 million years did I think I would get picked.
Chris also told me that the upcoming album is produced by Christopher Thorne from Blind Melon, and all band members are involved in some capacity on the album, so be on the look out for Warrentime on January 16th!
Chris will be at Bokeh Lounge on January 12th from 5-7 for an artist meet and greet with prints for sale if you're interested in owning a piece created by Chris.
Hear 'Bloom Moon' below:
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