Earlier today, according to witnesses, a female was shot in the 300 block of N. Linwood Ave. and the driver of a blue Challenger were shot by a black male, who was driving a 2015 black Range Rover with Florida plates. The suspect's car was found at the Vanderburgh 4-H Center near the basketball courts with the driver deceased inside.

The Vanderburgh Co Coroner's office identified 33-year-old Daniel Sears of Evansville as the shooter, and 41-year-old Richard Popp of Worthville, Kentucky and 32-year-old Maygen Sears of Evansville as the victims.

The EPD is looking into this as a domestic violence case.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved in these terrible events.

A subject in a black Range Rover fired 5-6 shots into the driver's window of a blue Challenger. The Challenger has crashed, the driver may have been shot. NB Highway 41 from Morgan.
UPDATE: Prior to this dispatch, there is a report that a female has also been shot in the 300 block N. Linwood Ave. The male driving the black Range Rover is believed to be the suspect in both shootings. Possibly a domestic violence incident.
UPDATE: Dispatch says the suspect posted on his Facebook page less than a minute ago that he just shot his wife.
UPDATE: Northbound Highway 41 is either down to one lane or is being blocked at Morgan due to this shooting. The suspect vehicle is a black 2015 Range Rover with Florida plates.
UPDATE: VCSO and EPD are both actively searching for the suspect.
EPD: Armed and Dangerous!! EPD seeking black Range Rover with Florida license plates. Driver wanted in connection with one, possibly two shootings. Last seen North on Hwy 41 from Morgan Ave around 10:50am.
UPDATE: The black male driver got out of the Range Rover and walked over to the Challenger and opened fire, according to witnesses sitting at the 41/Morgan light when the shooting occurred. At this time, police think the man was the only occupant in the Range Rover.
UPDATE: No update yet on the first shooting on Linwood Avenue. Police believe the same suspect was involved in both but have NOT confirmed that yet. Detectives and CSU officers are starting their investigations at both scenes.
UPDATE: Law enforcement officers are still searching for the suspect.
UPDATE: Witness Report: (after the shooting) "He then took off at high speed going NB 41. She made it a little down Morgan and went off the road into a pole.. that's all I am allowed to say."
UPDATE 11:50am: Still searching.
UPDATE: Per dispatch BOLO: The black male suspect has been identified. He is wanted on warrants for violating a protective order and intimidation with a weapon. He is also now wanted for questioning in this double shooting. Law enforcement officers continue to look for him.
UPDATE: The suspect's vehicle has been located parked by the basketball courts at the 4-H Center. Law enforcement is trying to safely determine if he is inside (windows are tinted), and have requested the robot to approach the vehicle.
UPDATE: Boonville-New Harmony Road has been shut down by the 4-H Center.
UPDATE: All SWAT members have been asked to report to the 4-H Center.
EPD UPDATE: Vehicle has been located at the 4H Center. Suspect location has not been verified. Area is closed off.
UPDATE: The robot is going to approach the vehicle shortly and fire off a 40 mm grenade.

UPDATE: SWAT officers not on scene at the 4H Center have been told to disregard.

UPDATE: Police are breaking the perimeter, CSU has been requested to report there to process the vehicle. Still waiting for word on the suspect.

UPDATE: The coroner is on scene at the 4H Center. The subject is in the vehicle. Still waiting for official word on the suspect.

EPD UPDATE 1:20pm: There is no longer an active threat. The area remains closed.

UPDATE: There is an additional crime scene in the 2600 block Pennsylvania St. Police were discussing a house there that the suspect either was living in or had lived in.

UPDATE: Per media reports, the suspect has been confirmed dead by EPD. Also, the 2 victims are deceased.

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