Evansville Police Department shared a new scam going around where scammers are pretending to be EPD, and sending people an email saying they need to pay a ticket for their traffic violation. The fake notice looks fairly convincing saying that the person receiving it has a traffic violation they need to settle via EasyPay, which per EPD's Facebook post regarding the matter, they do not recommend EasyPay.

The tickets look fairly real and com via what looks to be email and they say:

This notice is to inform you that you have been cited with a traffic violation and must pay your citation within 72 hours.  We have payment plans if necessary.

Traffic Code Violation: Speeding

Approximate location of violation: 1 NW Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Rm 205

City: Evansville

State: Indiana

Do not mail in your checks to us.  All citations must be paid online through our EasyPay Center.

If you choose to contest your citation, you must do so by clicking here to contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles via SecureMail.  This was an automated message sent on behalf of your local Department of Motor Vehicles.  Do not reply to this message.

Here's what EPD say about the scam:


We would like to notify all of our citizens of the pictured scam material that a citizen sent us. The below image shows a doctored and fictitious traffic citation that the scammer(s) tried to pass off as legit. Any citation that you receive from the Evansville Police Department will always include instructions as to whom to contact at the Vanderburgh County Courts in reference to the citation as well as the issuing officers name and badge number.


Please pay close attention to all mail that you receive and contact the Evansville Police Department if you have concerns with fraudulent activity.


We would like to notify all of our citizens of the pictured scam material that a citizen sent us. The...

Posted by Evansville Police Department on Thursday, February 4, 2021

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