Every day EPD makes me more and more proud to have them protecting our community!

Two Evansville Police Officers went out to Fall Fest and gave out free hugs! EPD officers, Ray and Phillip Smith said that this is how they are thanking the community for their love and appreciation.  I LOVE this! They are spreading a great message of positivity.   I think right now being a police officer is one of the hardest jobs in the world.  There is so much pressure surrounding police right now, and I think EPD handles that pressure with their heads held high.

I'm lucky to work at a job that works very closely with EPD, and I have to say we really do have the good guys working in our community.

Thank you EPD for all that you do to keep Evansville safe! And if you happen to be down at Fall Fest don't forget to #HugACop for all their hard work!

Here's what our friends at 44News had to say:

Free HugsEPD Officers Give Free Hugs at Fall Fest

Posted by Heather Good 44News on Monday, October 5, 2015