I got the low down on the best fireworks to get for the upcoming 4th of July Holiday. I called Mark's Fireworks, in Owensboro, to ask exactly what would be good for a back yard fireworks show.

They suggested that the artillery fireworks would be the best for a pretty show and less damage to neighboring houses. Chris, from Mark's Fireworks, said that they will clear the trees and still make a great show. Here is a video I found on Mark's Fireworks website of the Black Widow. He also said that the Black Widow is a big seller!

  • Rockets are always good, just don't shoot them at each other. :)
  • My favorite was always the parachute fireworks. Mark's fireworks also suggested this one as well.
  • Roman Candles are also pretty cool as well as long as you shoot them away from everyone and houses.
  • Fountains can put on a good show in a small space.
  • Who can forget the sparklers! Not me that's for sure! They are great for kids!


Safety tips from Mark's Fireworks.

  • Always purchase your fireworks from a reliable source
  • Follow instructions and use common sense
  • Always have close adult supervision and never give fireworks to small children
  • Never point or throw fireworks at another person
  • Use outdoors only in a clear area away from buildings, vehicles, and shrubbery. Have water handy
  • Don't experiment with homemade fireworks and never attempt to relight a firework

Best time to get the good fireworks is before the 3rd of July!

Happy 4th of July!