If you love Cajun food, but haven't had Jambalaya's Drunken Cousin yet, you are missing out! Now you can enjoy it for a good cause! 

Patrick is one of the many dogs looking for their forever home at It Takes a Village (Photo: Emilee Kerner Photography)

It Takes a Village No Kill rescue is located off Stockwell Road in Evansville, and they want to celebrate Mardi Gras while raising money! Cajun food is the best, so let's be honest, it's always a super bummer that we only get it once a year.  One of my favorite Cajun dishes is Jambalaya's Drunken Cousin!


It's jambalaya with a little heat, chicken, and served over a bed of rice. It's my favorite and I look forward to ordering it every year at the Fall Festival, but now I'm excited to treat myself to this dish in November!

You can stop by It Takes a Village anytime this week and pick up an 8-pound bag of Jambalaya's Drunken Cousin.  It's $40 for an 8 pound bag, with the money going directly to It Takes a Village Now 8lbs is a LOT of food, so you can freeze what you don't eat, then heat it up later! Just serve it over a bed of rice, and you have a meal!

It Takes a Village is located at  1417 N. Stockwell and they're open Tuesdays 12-5 pm
Wednesdays 12-7 pm, Thursdays 12-5 pm, Fridays 12-5 pm, Saturdays 10 am-5 pm.

Check out their event page, here for all the details!