On June 7th we got the official confirmation we've all been waiting for! Rob Zombie's next flick will be based on the wholesome monster family themselves, The Munsters.  In a post to his Instagram page, Rob Zombie shared the following:

Attention Boils and Ghoulse! The rumors are true! My next film project will be the one I've been chasing for 20 years! THE MUNSTERS! Stay tuned for exciting details as things progress!

While there have been rumors swirling about an upcoming Rob Zombie movie inspired by The Munsters, there hasn't been any confirmation from Rob Zombie until now! Also Butch Patrick who played Eddie Munster on The Munsters TV show confirmed on Facebook that he knows about the project, and in some capacity is involved, but he cannot say more than that. So if a real-life Munster is involved, I'd assume Rob Zombie is making sure to take good care of The Munster legacy.

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As a huge fan of all things horror, this is really exciting. My personal favorite tv show of all time is The Munsters.  I also really enjoy Rob Zombie's movies, but I will admit as excited as I am, I'm a little apprehensive.  The reason I'm apprehensive is that The Munsters are known as the super wholesome monster family. That's what makes them, well The Munsters.  I don't know if you've ever seen a Rob Zombie flick, but uh wholesome is not a word I'd use to describe them! They're great in their own right don't get me wrong, I really enjoy them, they just aren't something I'd see going hand in hand with The Munsters.  That being said I also know that Rob Zombie is a huge fan of The Munsters (I mean come on, he has a song called 'Dragula') so I feel like his love of the show proves how much he cares about this project, and I'm really excited to see what he does with it!

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