Newly revealed behind-the-scenes photos from the set of Black Adam show Dwayne Johnson in costume as the DC Comics anti-hero. Total Film recently interviewed Johnson about his experience playing Black Adam — a character he's been eyeing for a decade now — as well as dropped three stills taken during production.

Total Film shared the exclusive images to their Twitter account in advance of the new issue, which features Johnson on the cover. Check them out below:

This is the first time we've really gotten an up-close look at Johnson in his Black Adam costume without being shrouded in his dark cloak. Johnson has had several opportunities to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the years, but he was holding out for DC’s Black Adam character, which he describes as “unique.” The long-awaited movie has endured several delays over the years, but with the release of the official teaser trailer in October, it seems as if things are finally back on track.

Black Adam is one of the most powerful beings in the DC Comics canon. He was a slave from Kahndaq who was granted his superpowers by the wizard Shazam, embarking down a dark trail of revenge as he sought to punish those who wronged him in the past. Throughout the comics, he is sometimes depicted as a villain, other times as an anti-hero. Johnson appears to be more interested in the latter, as it provides more opportunities for character growth.

Black Adam is scheduled to debut July 29, 2022.

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