Loudwire recently partnered with Mike Portnoy to launch a charity auction to raise money for brain cancer research, but due to some unfortunate events, we’ve been forced to start the auction all over again.

Our initial auction seemed to be hugely successful, with the winner bidding an incredible $1,575 on the kids drum kit that Portnoy played and autographed to honor Rush icon Neil Peart. When it came time for the highest bidder to pony up the dough, however, we received this message:

Sorry, but I was drunk at that time so, you have to continue the bid.

Yep, the winner retracted their donation to charity because they were “drunk” when making their bids. We also attempted to offer the kit to a few of the next-highest bidders, but we received no response. Thus, we’re putting Mike Portnoy’s kit back on eBay with the hope of finding it a true forever home!

The auction for Mike Portnoy’s tiny kit is starting at just $100 and will run until March 5. All proceeds will be donated to the American Brain Tumor Association in honor of Neil Peart.

Watch Mike Portnoy play his favorite Neil Peart drum parts in the video below and to bid on the autographed kit, click here.

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