Two of Boston's finest musical institutions - Dropkick Murphys and the Boston Pops - have collaborated on a special tribute song for Mother's Day titled "To Our Darlin' Mothers."

The collaboration came about as part of the Boston Pops 2021 Spring Celebration concert, turning the focus on Mother's Day and celebrating music that were created by or are about women.

As revealed within the post, the Pops were inspired by the swell of love for sea shanties and decided to put new words to an old tune in order to support "the Moms of the Pops." The track is now more timely taking into account events of the past year and the roles that mothers played in getting us through it.

The Dropkick Murphys collaboration is part of a bigger overall release by the Boston Pops that is now available through June 5 at Dropkick Murphys meanwhile just released their latest album, Turn Up That Dial, which is available here.

Check out the performance below and Happy Mother's Day to all.

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