Sea Foam

Obviously this doggone coronavirus pandemic is horrible, nobody is denying that. But, if you had to find some silver lining(s), you wouldn't have to look too far. We've seen how kind and generous people can be to each other. And we've seen how creative people are getting.

Honestly, I'm a little torn when I see really creative, funny stuff online. I love it because it is so brilliant and entertaining - but I also get mad that I didn't think of it, or that I would probably never think of something that brilliant.

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Wes Tank is the latest person to make me feel this way. This dude is an aspiring actor and filmmaker from Wisconsin. He is, apparently, also a fan of hip-hop. Wes has shared a few videos recently where he's reading/rapping Dr. Seuss books over some beats from popular Dr. Dre songs. It is so friggin' good! I never thought I'd be bobbin' my head to Dr. Seuss, but you can't help it!

Looks like he's only done three books so far - Fox In Socks, Green Eggs and Ham, and The Lorax. There are still so many good books and so many good beats left. Let's hope he's able to knock out a few more soon.

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