I have to say that I lived in Princeton for 30 years, and there have been more improvements and growth since I moved away than the whole time I lived there. The theatre that I spent so many weekends at was ready to be torn down, but it was saved. Now there are live shows put on by talented friends on a regular basis.

Now it's the candy shop's turn. Remember the malt shops from way back in the day? Me either, unless you count seeing them on television. Well, there was a real-life candy shop that also served ice-cold malts to kids after school on the square in Princeton. Greek's was run by the Andriakos family.

Greek's Candy Shop opened in 1906. of course, things were way different back then. But Greek's was open until 2012. As time went on, only the candy remained. I don't remember having a shake or a meal at Greek's. The building has needed a lot of work, and Princeton has wanted someone to take the reigns and make it new again. Downtown Princeton has answered the call and surprised social media with its big idea. I was so excited to see the post, not just once, but several times in my newsfeed. The renderings from LA+D look amazing. And a special shout-out to Kyle Johnson with Halfrack Properties.

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I reached out to Hannah with Downtown Princeton, and she told me the project doesn't have a timeline, but it will begin in early June. As far as the future of Greek's, she tells me that DPI currently owns the property, and will be renting it out to the linage of the original owners once construction is finished. How exciting to hear! Oh, and yes, it will be a candy shop. The menu will expand as the shop grows.


You can help the project by donating Here.

For large donations or sponsorships please email DPI Director, Hannah Whitehead: hannahwhitehead95@hotmail.com
Donations can also be mailed or dropped off at The Palace Cafe.
127 N. Hart Street
Princeton, IN. 47670
All donors will be recognized at the end of this project!

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