Downtown Henderson is really growing, and soon will have a new bar on the riverfront!

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No Shortage Of Things to Do in Henderson

One thing I love about the Tri-State is how the area continues to grow and develop. It's been really cool to watch Downtown Henderson flourish, and really grow.  There are so many shops, restaurants, and bars right there in downtown Henderson that there's a good chance there's something down there that is the perfect hangout spot for you!


Henderson Continues To Grow

As Henderson continues to grow, a new bar is heading to the area! Cap & Cork, will soon be serving up craft brews and delicious food right on the Ohio Riverfront! A post to Facebook by Cap & Cork said:

A new downtown bar is coming to our river front. Cap & Cork will open June 15-18 for WC Handy Blues Festival and will be serving food, premium cocktails, beer, and of course bourbon! After The WC Handy Festival, we will close and begin construction. Upon completion, the new structure will include two stories and over 3000 additional square footage. Stay tuned for additional details!

Their tagline is  "Henderson's gathering place."  This is definitely something I can get behind!

Get a Sneak Peek During WC Handy

Since Cap & Cork is still working on their construction, you can get a sneak peek at what they'll have to offer during the WC Handy Festival in Henderson. It'll be the perfect way to enjoy some live music, great stories behind songs you love, and check out a new Henderson gathering spot.

Be sure to follow Cap & Cork on Facebook for all of their latest updates so you don't miss out on anything!

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