If you have driven through Downtown Evansville, perhaps you have noticed a big green dinosaur outside of the Children's Museum of Evansville.  Millie the Dinosaur has stood on the corner of SE 5th and Locust Street since 2006. If you were to ask visitors of CEMO or Downtown Evansville what was one thing that stood out to them, chances are they would say Millie. However, according to 44 News, Millie the Dinosaur will be moving.

The reason behind Millie moving is because of the construction of the newly named Stone Family Center for Health Sciences in the area. There is no word yet on where Millie will end up, but plans are to keep the dinosaur near the museum. Plans should be finalized in a month or so, according to 44 News.

It's bittersweet seeing this change, as that area is very special to our radio station used to be located at the same corner that Millie currently sits. The former studio has since been demolished to make room for the medical center. I'm just happy to hear that officials plan to move Millie and not have it tore down. We will keep you updated on Millie's move as we get information.


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