There are people who think musicians should avoid discussing politics, and there are people who think musicians should use their platforms to highlight problems within society. Dorothy leader Dorothy Martin, however, believes that a musician's purpose is to help unite people.

In 2020, the entire world was faced with the same pandemic, and yet, as time went on, everyone became divided about how to handle it. During a new interview with Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez, Martin declared her stance on the media, affirming that the news wants to control what the people see.

"Obviously, we all collectively went through a really hard time [in] 2020 and 2021," Martin recalled. "I think a lot of people are waking up, I think a lot of people are uniting, you can kind of see it. People will talk and say things on social media that the news ignores and doesn't shed light on because they want to control the narrative, but they can't."

As pointed out in the discussion, several other artists have made similar statements recently during interviews, and Martin imagines that the topic strikes a chord with musicians so strongly because of their emotional nature.

"Maybe it's because we all have a purpose when we come here, and as musicians and as creatives that are sensitive and that are empathetic, we can feel collectively what's going on and individually, and tune into that," she explained.

"So maybe the greater purpose that we serve is actually to help unite people, and we've seen that for so long — the media has been really divisive, and it's not a benevolent thing. It's based in malice, a little bit. They know that creating strife and division can help control people to get whatever they want, whatever the means to the end is for them."

One other rocker in particular who's spoken a lot lately about the media and its influence is Brent Smith of Shinedown, whose upcoming album Planet Zero hones in on the current state of society.

"Go out into the real world, because in the real world, it's not happening the way that it's being presented on these mechanisms," Smith told Loudwire Nights back in January. "People would say, 'What do you mean go out into the real world? Everybody was inside.' I wasn't, I didn't stay inside. I went out... in the real world, people weren't trying to destroy each other. In the real world, people were trying to help each other."

We don't know for sure whether Dorothy's upcoming third album Gifts From the Holy Ghost will be as socially passionate as Smith argues Shinedown's will be, but we do know it's arriving soon via Roc Nation. The singer teased that it'll be coming out around the same time they play a show in Cleveland, Ohio, which according to their tour schedule, is at the end of April.

The tour kicks off March 21 in San Diego, Calif. Joyous Wolf and Classless Act will support them on throughout the run. See the dates here.

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