This weekend, during the Ski Day On The Ohio Music Fest & Bierstube, someone will be named the grand prize winner of the 2012 Bud Light Port Paradise Cruise. But before that giveaway on Saturday, we have to get some more finalists on Friday.

So make sure you come out to The Pointe this Friday night between 7pm-9pm. During that time you'll have the chance to "match your mate" and try to become a Port Paradise finalist. Then after that, stick around for some great live music and the first round of the homemade bikini contest.

By the way, "matching your mate" is about as simply as it gets, although is does require just a wee bit of effort on your part. If you're interested in playing, you will get a special name tag. Ladies will get a tag with a front man/woman's name on example would be Eddie Vedder. The fellas will get a name tag with a band on it...Pearl Jam would be a good example. Your job would then be to walk around and "match your mate". Once/If you find your mate, you both get to fill out a boarding pass and get qualified to be a finalist. And NO, you do NOT have to go on the cruise with your "mate". Ha!

Check out some pics from our last couple qualifying stops a Show Me's

Show Me's East - 7.27.12

Show Me's West 7.28.12

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