Don't judge me, but I have never been to Dollywood. I know, I know. And I even had an opportunity in 2007, but I showed up in Gatlinburg a day too late.

I was meeting my family there for a little getaway. They were there the full week; I was only able to be there for half a week. They went to Dollywood the day before I got there, with my blessing. It's on me. I now regret that move.

I have done a lot of research into the popular Smoky Mountains attraction since my missed opportunity. So if you see me walking funny, from time to time, it's only from kicking myself repeatedly.

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You know what, though? If I was a Dollywood INSIDER, I could walk through that entrance absolutely free of charge. Now, does THAT sound like a plan or what?

Of course, I can't just bestow upon myself the honorific of "insider." I'd have to apply. You would, too. But, the thing is, you CAN.

Dollywood is looking for insiders to promote the park on social media. And we're not just talking, "Hey I just got back from Dollywood and it ROCKED!" Nah, that's not enough.

This isn't a new thing. Dollywood has done the insider cattle call for the past five years, with great success.

If you were to apply to become a Dollywood insider and get selected, you'd be responsible for sharing your experiences on social media via photos, videos, tips, and advice about things like where to eat and how to deal with traffic, according to WYFF-Greenville SC.

That sounds like something a social media whiz would do anyway after a visit, but if you become an OFFICIAL insider, it would mean free admission to Dollywood. But season passes aren't the only rewards on the table. Insiders get behind-the-scenes access.

If you're interested (and who wouldn't be), you can apply at

Your temporary but highly lucrative career as a Dollywood trip planner may be right around the corner.

Good luck.

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