If you can, take a minute and think back to your childhood (that may be harder for some of us). I’d bet that one of your fondest summer time memories of growing up was playing in a sprinkler. It turns out that we aren’t the only creatures that like to play in the water.

For some reason, parents continue to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on elaborate toys and gifts for their kids. But it has been my experience that, just like when WE were kids, the simple things in life are the most fun. Get a kid a big expensive toy, and they end up spending more time playing with the box it came in. A cardboard box…a stick and a ball…simple pleasures. At its core, the sprinkler is as simple as you can get. Take a tube, poke some holes in it, hook it up to a hose, crank up the water pressure…boom, you’ve got a sprinkler. Simple and awesome.

I would use those two words (simple and awesome) to describe dogs too. It doesn’t take much to get them excited. Proof of that can be found in the video below. It’s just a bunch of puppy dogs enjoying their care free lives, playing with sprinklers. You won’t see any stupid cats doing this, at least not by choice.