A new craze that seems to have swept the nation in recent weeks has to do with a new beauty product that exploded in popularity earlier this year. It's named the Shills Purifying Blackhead removing Peel-off mask, designed to pull blackheads and other debris straight from the pores of the face. However, there are extreme conflicting reviews on if this product works well or not. The most interesting thing though seems to be how many people complain about the mask hurting upon removal. This is happening so much that people are leaving comments on websites everywhere to complain!

So, of course, I had to find out first hand if 1) The product works as described and 2) If it actually hurts as much as other people say it does. Therefore, I made a step-by-step video of myself experiencing the one and only Shills Purifying Blackhead removal mask. Be forewarned: there is laughing, there is crying, and there is a whole lot of funny. Check it out below!

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