I have been a fan of Stephen King ever since my prepubescent hands got a hold of a worn out copy of Cujo when I was ten years old. In the last 30 years I have read nearly every book King has ever written and I've watch almost every film and television adaptation. I'm what one might call a die-hard fan.

If I'm being totally honest here, 99% of the time I am disappointed in visual adaptations of Stephen King's works. I almost always do a better job of visualizing it in my mind's eye than a director does bringing it to life on screen. I know part of that stems from having to cram 1,000+ pages of details and story line into a 90-180 minutes of film but it always just falls a little short for me. Not the case with Doctor Sleep. This movie is very well executed and the story line, in true King fashion is riveting. Doctor Sleep is a follow up to a classic King piece you may be familiar with - The Shining and it will definitely scratch that itch you've been having to see something spectacular on  the big screen. Go ahead and plan a visit with Danny and the Overlook and get your tickets to see this movie!



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