Meet Ellie!  Ellie is one of our three rescued Bichon Frises.  While all of them have rather human characteristics, Ellie is definitely the most boisterous and demanding.  She freaking LOVES human food.  If there are French fries in this house, she can smell them and she will bark her face off until she gets one.  If I grill steaks, she waits until Kevin and I are finished eating then starts barking and demanding a piece of what's left.  She's obsessed with tater tots from Big Dipper and will run around the kitchen like the Tasmanian Devil until she gets one.  And, just recently we discovered she has another addiction.  It's Coca-Cola!

Kevin only drinks Coke.  How the man doesn't have a kidney stone the size of Plymouth Rock is beyond me.   He drinks like five or six cans of it a day and he places each one in his Yeti keep cool.  Well, a couple of nights ago we were watching TV and he went out to smoke (Healthy Habit #2).  Well, I looked over at the couch and noticed that Ellie had climbed off it and onto our coffee table.  She was virtually tongue-deep in his Coca-Cola!  Instead of stopping her (because why on Earth would I be a good coparent and do that?), I started taking photos of her so I'd have proof she's suddenly addicted to caffeine.

A Coke, a Yeti and a Thirsty Bichon

Do you have a pet that has a weird human food craving or addiction?

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