At one time or another we've all been burned by a horror, in the sense that we get all hyped up by the trailer, only to be massively disappointed by the film itself. I've got all my fingers crossed, hoping that won't happen with the new remake of Evil Dead, which hits theaters today.

Truth be told, I rarely get excited anymore when I see a trailer for a new horror movie. What's the point? Sure, the movie may end up having some good scares and/or a decent amount of gore and shock...but in the end, more times than not, a ridiculously bad story ruins everything. I'm not trying to sound like a movie snob or anything, I realize that horror movies aren't necessarily driven by the storyline. But I can't help finding myself saying "really...that's how it's gonna end?"

Let's all hope that Evil Dead follows up their amazing trailers with an equally amazing, and scary, movie. The filmmakers have some big Bruce Campbell sized shoes to fill.

Check out these reactions from a recent screening, and then figure out if you are more or less convinced that Evil Dead is the real deal. Don't forget, it's in theaters today/tonight, April 5th!!!

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