It's no secret that plastics are bad for the environment. A lot of businesses are getting away from single-use plastic straws by only offering plastic ones when requested or making the switch to paper straws for their customers. There is even one craft beer maker, Saltwater Brewery, that has created a 6-pack ring that is not only plastic-free but degrades into fish food to help our oceanic wildlife. We were really excited to spot a non-plastic, reusable, sustainable piece of cutlery! Shared and sold by Evansville's own Sixth Street Soapery, the little bamboo fork/spoon combo is definitely adorable but more importantly it is ecologically responsible. Think about the last time you were at a picnic or a company luncheon. How many plastic forks and spoons were used and then tossed in the trash? This little badboy is only $3.75 and can be reused again and again and again. It would make a great gift for anyone who enjoys camping as well. It's small and compact and would fit nicely in a hiking pack!

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