While many 2021 "best of" lists were revealed over the past month, Disturbed's David Draiman is offering his input on two up-and-coming acts that he feels provide him a sense of hope for rock's future. The Warning and Plush are the acts earning the nod of respect from the Disturbed frontman.

"New bands like @TheWarningBand2 and @PLUSHROCKS give me hope. Young powerful women playing real instruments and writing and playing songs the entire rock genre can be proud of," writes Draiman in a tweet.

The Warning is a sibling act, consisting of sisters Daniela, Paulina and Alejandra Villarreal. Though their first release dates back to 2015, the trio garnered significant attention in 2021 for their Mayday EP featuring the singles "Choke," "Evolve" and "Animosity." They were also part of last year's Metallica Blacklist compilation, teaming with Alessia Cara on a cover of Metallica's "Enter Sandman."

The Warning, "Animosity"

Plush, meanwhile, are an all-female four-piece led by singer-guitarist Moriah Formica along with drummer Brooke Colucci, guitarist Bella Perron and bassist Ashley Suppa. Like The Warning, Plush enjoyed some buzz over the course of 2021 thanks to songs such as "Hate" and "Athena" off their self-titled album. Look for the band back on tour in February, joining Slash on the road.

Plush, "Hate"

It's quite possible Draiman may cross paths with both acts again in the coming year on the road. Disturbed are currently working on a new album that the singer has described as "old school Disturbed," pinpointing the music sounding "somewhere between The Sickness and Ten Thousand Fists." Hinting at a potential fall release for the record, it's likely that a tour could be booked for 2022 with potential for festival appearances later this year.

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