For two Evansville teens, the annual Cops Connecting with Kids trip to the Magic Kingdom proved to be even more magical than they could have ever dreamed.

This morning, I welcomed Evansville Police Departments Special Projects Coordinator, Taylor Merriss into the GBF studio but she wasn't alone. Taylor had two bright-eyed young ladies in tow.

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Cymone and Ka’Liyah were two of the students who just got back from their first-ever trip to Disney as part of the Cops Connecting with Kids program and to say these two fourteen-year-old girls were riding a wave of exhilaration from that trip would be an understatement.

The two were really chatty about their experience with the scary rides and the delicious foods that they ate while they were at Disney. They talked about how they bonded with Taylor too. But what struck me the most about these two girls was the bond that they seemed to share.

Before the Cops Connecting with Kids trip, Cymone and Ka’Liyah knew of each other but didn't really hang out. They had both been in the NICU together as infants and at one point even had attended the same church when they were younger but after nearly a week in Florida together at the most magical place on earth, it was obvious these two are now very dear friends.

They are even making plans to hang out again this week, now that they are back. For this radio personality, the magic was seeing the friendship that these two ladies have formed and I can't wait to see how that friendship unfolds for them. If you missed our interview this morning, take a listen now,

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