The 100th annual West Side Nut Club Fall Festival will kick off October 4th (2021), 723 days since the conclusion of the 99th edition. Of course, that wasn't the intention. The 100th edition would have happened the following year just like it had the previous 98 times. However, as we know all too well, COVID-19 had other plans and left the Nut Club with no other choice but to push back the centennial event to this year. While COVID is still very much a part of our daily lives, for the time being, we have one weapon against it this year we didn't last year - vaccines. It's for that reason the Nut Club has decided to move forward with this year's Festival.

As they have done for the past several years, the Club is giving you the opportunity to purchase ride wristbands in advance of the Festival beginning this Saturday (September 18th). Wristband vouchers will be available at all Donut Bank, Schnucks, and Old National Bank locations at the discounted price of $20 each (bands will be $25 each at the ticket booths during the week of the Festival).

Simply purchase how many vouchers you need, then take those vouchers to any ticket booth the week of the Festival to exchange them for wristbands.

The ticket booths will be set up at the following locations on Franklin Street.

  • Acorn Plaza (Kiddie Rides)
  • 10th Avenue and Franklin Street
  • Wabash Avenue and Franklin Street

It's important to know the wristbands are only good for the day they are purchased. Meaning, if you plan on riding rides every time you make a trip to Franklin Street that week, you'll need to purchase wristbands for each day.

Half-Pot Raffle Information

It was announced during a press conference Tuesday afternoon, tickets for the popular half pot drawing, which will enter its third year as part of the festival, will only be available at ticket booths on Franklin Street the week of the Festival. Despite canceling last year's event, the Nut Club continued the half pot by selling tickets over three consecutive weekends in booths along Franklin Street, as well as the parking lot on the corner of St. Joe and the Lloyd across from Bristol Meyers. With the festival returning this year, that parking lot will return to being a pay-to-park lot for a local non-profit.

[Source: West Side Nut Club]

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